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Are You a Business?

Click Here, Call, or

TEXT 978-912-0837 To Receive Professional 

Computer Services Such as Web Development, IT, Social Media and Much More! When You Do Business With US That Supports Our Encouragement Causes That Non-Profits Also Use!

What computing do we offer? 

  • Computers for sale and or included in select plans for networking to loan or buy out. 

  • Computer management.

  • Network and networking management. 

  • IT service work as in full scale computing solutions and much more. Ask today how to benefit! 

  • Full-Service IT Support for your business or organization 

Celebrate with us the full launch celebration of the new java platforms! 

Not a member? No problem, can also access IT help desk on Ministries Connect's Coffee Selection. New To Ministries Connect? MORE COFFEE DEALS AND SELECTION IF Apart of The Network FOR ENCOURAGEMENT! Join The Ministries Connect Subscribers For More Enhanced Encouragement!   “Ask how this goes to support honest biblical communication such as these blogs apart of Saghbine Coffee's encouragement project that spreads hope.”  Buy WITH BOLDNESS AND SUPPORT ENCOURAGEMENT! God Bless!

Support G.S.Ministries For Encouragement Non-profit's Plans:

Simplified Networking


Try Ministries Connect's

Networking Simplified Strategy! 

Join Ministries Connect Networking!
Need Web Design (Development) & Networking?

Ask about our Chromebook and computer loner or 

fully purchase it bundle programs when you subscribe (to certain plans) or do IT web design with us!

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"God (Jesus) Sent 'Me'"
To make an US!
Then He said to them, "Go the whole world over, and proclaim the Good News to all mankind."

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